Mission Statement

Through the diverse sisterhood of the Chrome Divas, our mission is to build a positive image of women motorcyclists and enthusiasts; promote motorcycle safety; elevate consciousness of automobile drivers; create awareness of women and children’s issues while giving back to our communities but most importantly, to ride and have fun!

Chrome Divas, Inc. is a ladies only motorcycle organization, consisting of both riders and passengers and even some non-riding women who just love motorcycles and participating in charity functions. Originating in Tallahassee, Florida in 2002, Chrome Divas, Inc. was created to provide a means of camaraderie, community participation, and a national link to all women who ride motorcycles and strive to be known as outstanding citizens in their communities with a preference to ride, have fun and share their talents and compassion in group effort.

Chrome Divas, Inc. has a trademark logo that identifies us as a female motorcycle organization. However, Chrome Divas do not wear colors and is not an “MC”. We, as an organization, support motorcycling and the freedom of motorcycling but we do not endorse any other group or organization; however, we do respect the rights of our members to do so on an individual basis.

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