Becoming a Chrome Diva

How we keep in touch

If you are interested in becoming a SoCal Chrome Diva, please start by joining both of our online groups:

  1. Our page where we provide official event information including meetup location (which is not included on this website) and event RSVP requirement; and
  2. Our page which is our main platform for communicating about rides, riding, what to do when we are not riding, and everything else.

New Member Procedures – Diva-in-Waiting:

  1. You must be at least 18 years of age to join the Chrome Divas.
  2. To give us an opportunity to meet and get to know you prior to joining our group, spend some time with us! Event information is available on our page.
  3. Within a five-month period: (a) If you are a rider, join us on at least two rides; (b) If you are not a rider, join us for at least two events (ride or non-ride).
  4. Submit a membership application. Your membership request will be reviewed by the Board of Directors and you will be notified within one week of the status of your application.
  5. Note: If each of the membership requirements above has not been met within five months of becoming a Diva-in-Waiting, the process will start over from the beginning. Any exceptions will be at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

If you are selected to become a SoCal Chrome Diva, we will email you the following instructions along with your prorated amount for membership:

  1. Join the National Chrome Divas. Please email your receipt to the Board. (Please note: National membership does not guarantee chapter membership.)
  2. If you are a rider, you must show proof of M1 license and insurance.
  3. Pay your SoCal Chapter membership dues via PayPal.
  4. When all is in order, we will provide you with a welcome packet that includes your patch, and you will be added to our Facebook page for members only!


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